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Thumbs Out

Have you encouraged, threatened and begged for your child to stop sucking their thumb? But nothing seems to work? Star charts, bribery, incentives, bandaides, socks over hands, and so many more 'remedies' to try to stop this habit.

It can be frustrating for the parent who wants this habit to stop, and for the child who would like to stop but can't. So what do you do? Well, you can try all those treatments first, and then order Thumbs Out and stop thumb sucking forever!

The theory behind the Thumbs Out products is two fold. The first is that thumb sucking is a habit, and a habit can be broken if stopped for a period of time. The second is that the product itself hinders the enjoyment given by the sucking. When sucking a thumb a seal is created around the thumb by the lips. This creates a pleasurable sensation, perhaps going back to that initial feeding when children are tiny babies. Children can still physically suck their thumbs, however the enjoyment they once received is gone as there is no longer a seal. Once they no longer receive the pleasure, there is no point continuing the action. Hence, thumb sucking is no longer a problem.

Thumbs Out is made out of soft, opaque, non-toxic durable plastic material which is non-DEHP, non-phthalate plasticizer and it is BPA free. This means they are safe for little people. Also, they are made in Australia, supporting our local economy.

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