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About Thumbs Out

Welcome to Thumbs Out Australia. 

So, the story goes like this...Thumbs Out Australia - Please meet Alexander at 10 months old. He is where it all started.

In 2005 there was a little boy who sucked his thumb. He'd done this since in utero. He loved sucking his thumb and had no intention of stopping. His mother could see his baby teeth were affected by his thumb sucking and worried that as the adult teeth came through he would destroy his beautiful face with crooked teeth.

She tried lots of different approaches to curb this sucking like yucky tasting nail polish, a sock over his hand with ribbon tied around, adhesive bandages wrapped around his thumb, a homemade glove with a cylinder over the thumb, and so many more ‘interesting and homemade’ inventions. Alas none of these worked. He either got it off or simply sucked over it. His mother felt defeated and worried her son would never stop.

So she went to the internet. After much searching she found a product which looked like it might work. So after a few clicks of a mouse and a couple of weeks waiting a package arrived from the USA. The little boy’s mother explained to the 5 year old boy that even though she knew he loved his thumb so much, it was time to stop. She told him she knew it would be hard for him and promised she would help in any way she could. And the journey to stop thumb sucking began.

After a while the little boy did give up his thumb sucking habit. It took some time but it did happen. His mother thought the product was wonderful, it had saved her son’s teeth, and given him a huge boost of confidence because he saw he could achieve something which was so very difficult. The mother also thought she couldn’t possibly be the only one in Australia who had a thumb sucker. It was then that she decided to embark on helping other little people, and their parents, to give up thumb sucking and have their own confidence boost.

After much planning, information, redesigning to suit our Australian children and coordinating Thumbs Out was born. Our aim is to help you, and your children, give up the habit of thumb sucking. From our own experiences we know how hard it can be to give up thumb sucking so are always on hand to answer any of your questions, or even just to give you some support when it all seems so hard.

Our products are made in Australia by a local manufacturer using a soft, opaque, non-toxic durable plastic material which is non-DEHP, non-phthalate plasticizer and BPA free. These compounds are ideally suited for the manufacture of infant products, food and beverage applications and medical devices, where the presence of phthalates is undesirable.

The theory behind the Thumbs Out products is two fold. The first is that thumb sucking is a habit, and a habit can be broken if stopped for a period of time. The second is that the product itself hinders the enjoyment given by the sucking. When sucking a thumb a seal is created around the thumb by the lips. This creates a pleasurable sensation, perhaps going back to that initial time when children are tiny babies and need to suck (feeding) to survive. Children can still physically suck their thumbs, or fingers, however the enjoyment they once received is gone as there is no longer a seal. Once they no longer receive the pleasure, there is no point continuing the action. Hence, thumb or finger sucking is no longer a problem.


Thumbs Out Australia - This is my baby boy Alexander at 2.5 years old.There is a second part to this story...
The purpose of Thumbs Out, apart from promoting a fabulous product which will stop thumb sucking, is to create a company which Mums’ and Dads’ can be a part of without sacrificing that delicate work/family balance.
Many years ago I realised Mums’ and Dads’ who take on the role as the primary care giver have amazing talents and experience. The problem is, when you leave the full time work force to take care of children, all those years of knowledge is wasted because the corporate world doesn’t want anything less than full time.
So, I envisioned that I'd like to utilise those amazing talents by creating a business structure which would allow for parents to work at home, care for their children, but still use their extensive skills.

Moving forward I hope I can continue to provide a business system which allows this to keep growing. It’s great for business, and it’s great for parents.

A short note about ThumbGuard Australia